Toys for all moods!

Toys are an integral part of every child’s life and you can’t imagine childhood and especially play time without it. Toys encourage children to develop and master motor skills as well as social skills and logical thinking. The ideal approach would be to let children explore different ways to interact with their world by using toys.

The toys best suited for different types of kids are listed below. Each child would have a preference but on the whole, they should be allowed to experiment with different modes of play – girls playing with tool sets and boys trying their hand at baking are good things!

Hand-eye co-ordination

Bead roller coasters, shape sorters building blocks are a great way to get the child interested enough to align limbs and eyes to achieve objectives other than pulling things down and putting things in their mouths.

Role play

Give children a preview of adult life with role play toys! Send them shopping with yarn veggies and get them working with their tiny tool sets. It’s also a great way to keep them away from your stuff.


Allow your child’s imagination to run wild with stuffed toys, finger puppets and more! This will keep them and their friends entertained for hours.


There’s no better way to get kids to be creative than to give them a few sheets of paper and some colours.  Making collages, decoupage and decorating items are excellent alternates too for the creative child.


An active child is a happy child even though it means that the kids will be all over the place. Skipping ropes, skates, racket and ball sets all encourage movement and more time spent outside rather than in front of the television.

Play doesn’t end here of course. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to join them every now and then and get your own creative juices flowing. Let’s not forget all the great memories this will create.

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