Try these funky new colors for your bedroom

Colors are an essential part of our lives – and the interiors of our homes. Just a dash not only reflect your personality, it can also affect the entire mood. So, if you’re thinking of doing something new for your home this summer, skip expensive make-overs and try small improvements with IKEA’s chic collection instead.

Consider the bedroom, a space where you rest and spend a lot of quality time; it should soothe and enrich you.

Let’s look at some bedroom color schemes

that will bring out the best in you and your home.

Dare to be different!

  • Give your bedroom a bold but calm change with dark colored cushions, carpets or rugs with palettes like indigo and navy blue.
  • Shades of blue work like neutrals and go with almost all combinations. They also go with light colored fabrics.
  • Also, white will primarily bring sophistication while creating a cozy environment.

Ready to embrace color?

  • Painting one wall in your own preferred hue or shade will create a standout accent.
  • Choose a shade with gray undertones to add a level of classiness. Then, carry the scheme over to your headboard or photo frames on the wall.
  • And don’t forget to give your windows new curtains to match. Take this to a whole new level by adding a color-coordinated rug or duvet, and you’re well on your way to creating bold and beautiful elegance.
  • Remember: when you infuse a room with a bold color, use resting points of white to tie everything together.

Create a tropical paradise

  • Play with colors that will turn your room into a beach paradise all year round by combining tones to craft a feeling of laid-back bliss.
  • Get playful by adding a hammock or swing to a corner.
  • Think decorative lights or add fiery reds, parrot prints, hot pinks and ocean-blue to your walls to add to the theme.

Go back to classics

  • Wood isn’t just for a study or rustic rooms. Modern bedrooms with polished walnut, oak, and birch furniture and decorations are extremely attractive.
  • Accessorize with natural linens and textured woolens or go all the way and include wood flooring for a modish, contemporary feel.
  • There’s no getting away from the fact that sand or neutral colors resonate beautifully with golden undertones, making them perfect for smaller rooms.

Go ahead, turn on your creativity on and jazz up your house with new colors from IKEA’s extensive product lines.

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