It’s the wedding season and finding the perfect gift is difficult enough without having to worry if five other people attending the wedding are buying the happy couple the same thing.

You might have run through the standard list of glasses, fine cutlery, ornaments and candle recommendations, wondering what you could do differently.

Here are some ideas from IKEA’s experts we are sure will make it easier for you.

Canvas print of their wedding song

If you are invited to the wedding, you are likely to know a song that is special to the couple. This may be the song they will walk down the aisle to, or what they will dance to at the wedding.

A canvas print of this song’s lyrics is definitely a gift worth considering. It’s simple but thoughtful, and they will always cherish it.

Personalised tray

A personalised tray or cheeseboard with their initials, dates or something significant is a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift.

This way, you can wish them luck on their lifetime of dinners and lunches, and get yourself an invite too!

A cooking class

A cooking class or course is a valuable gift of bonding for the long run, where the newly married couple can learn to make a special dish together.

It is a unique gift idea and is bound to make sure they have a good time, because who doesn’t love food?

Perhaps they might even discover a favourite dish of theirs, all thanks to you!

A vintage bar cart

A decorative element as much as it is of service, the bride and groom could use a vintage piece of décor in their new.

A bar cart in a retro style, which they can roll out and display or simply have in one of the rooms of their home, keeping their drinks stored in style, is a perfect choice.

Star map

A bit of personalisation that is bound to impress the bride and groom, star maps are the new hype for today’s starstruck generation.

The options to which date you can pick – wedding day, first date, etc., are endless!

The print will map out the stars in the universe on that particular night/day and will leave them with a gift that they cherish deeply.

Record player

If you know they are music lovers, bring in more tunes and dancing into their lives with a record player.

And if you’re feeling generous, add in a record or two of their favourite artists!

With these unique choices, wedding season is going to be a breeze for you!

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