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Useful Tips to Keep Your Non-Stick Frying Pan Last a Very Long Time

Is your kitchen a paradise where you explore and perfect classic recipes? Or is it more of a jungle, where dinner is come by haphazardly, your salmon filet “blackened” on the outside ?However you cook, you need some reliable pots and pans. And with the right ones, cooking becomes easier and food tastes better. Don’t let your cookware sabotage your cooking!

Non-stick frying pans lets you use less fat to fry, stir-fry and brown food. It’s also ideal for cooking omelettes, pancakes and sauces: anything that tends to stick.

So here comes few useful tips to keep your non-stick frying pan last for long.

  • Using cooking sprays can result in a residue build up on the cookware, which causes food to cook unevenly and counteract the non-stick nature of the pan. Unless you want to frequently scrub the pan free of the residue that builds up in areas where the spray doesn’t cook off. Alternatively, try an oil mister you can refill with the oil of your choice and avoid the additives in traditional sprays which cause build up.
  • Pour a small amount of fat, oil, butter etc. on a cold pan before you use it and distribute it well. The idea is to bolster the non-stick surface by adding a layer of fat. If this is added too late, say after the pan is very hot, it will be more likely to soak directly into the food than aid the non-stick surface.
  • Use a paste of baking soda and water to gently scrub the pan with a non-metallic sponge or brush. Don’t forget the sides and other areas where oil residue can build up. Rinse well and dry. Repair the surface by pouring a small amount of vegetable oil in the pan, rubbing it into the pan and wipe off any excess with a paper towel. Do not put the pan in the dishwasher as the high heat and strong dish washing detergents weather a pan far quicker than elbow grease alone.
  • Cooking over high heat should be avoided as the higher temperature is bad for the non-stick coating on the cookware. Over time exposure to high heat will deteriorate the surface as well.

Using sharp objects like, knives or metal spatulas to stir food or remove it from the pan, along with things like steel wool for cleaning, can scratch and damage the coating on the pan.

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