4 Valentine’s Day Ideas You Can Try at Home

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and, no matter what cynics say, it’s still a very special occasion for most of us. This is a day on which people all over the world take the time to celebrate love and make their partners feel special.

But how many of us have the time to take an entire weekday off from work? And what about those of us with kids? (We see you, mom of two-under-two!) There’s also the cost and logistics of going out.

However, IKEA experts note you can still have the time of your lives right at home! It’s cheaper, the atmosphere is usually quieter and there’s lots of scope to just be together in a comfortable environment.

So if you’re planning to stay in on Friday the 14th this February, here are four brilliant Valentine’s Date-Night ideas you can try at home:

1. Stargazing

Cheesy? Maybe, but it’s also simple and sweet. Cuddle up in a cosy oversized blanket on your porch, backyard, terrace or even balcony and spend some quality time gazing at the stars above you.

Make sure you have something nice to eat and drink – you can even order in a fancy dinner if you’re in the mood.

This is the best option for a super-intimate date, the old-fashioned way.

2. Treasure Hunt

Send your loved one off on a lovey-dovey treasure hunt around the house and garden.

Make the clues inside jokes that only he or she would understand and lead them to a well-thought-out gift.

If your partner is game, you could both create one for the other – you’ll have a night of fun and laughter and reminiscing, and what could truly be better than that?

3. Spa Date

If you can’t go to the spa, then bring the spa to you! You could do foot soaks, face masks, manicures or even a massage!

Light some scented candles, play some soothing music and really unwind with each other for this special occasion.

4. Time Capsule

This one is especially sweet if you’re into nostalgia. Spend the night making a collection of all your most treasured moments with your partner.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane and, if you’re in the mood for a memento, why not put all those treasured memories onto a picture board and make a Valentine’s collage?

With all these simple Valentine’s Day ideas, it’s time to get creative and start exploring your favourite options!

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