Lionizing clean lines and geometric patterns, Art Deco, short for ‘Art Décoratifs’, came into prominence in the early 20th century. The movement rose and fell between the two World Wars, first appearing in France and influencing the entire design spectrum encompassing architecture, fashion, furniture, filmography, cars, product design and so much more.

Later on, Art Deco was said to have shaped the modern imagination of the West, with the consumer taste for luxury escalating in that period and driving forward the future of mass production to cater to the newfound design style of the middle class.

  1. What’s the difference?

    Art Deco, says IKEA, isn’t easily distinguished from other decorative styles of art. However, there are certain characteristics that help guide us. Marking a newfound optimism after the war and great depression, Art Deco was created from various influences and an eclectic combination of materials and shapes.

    It is also believed to have borrowed some elements from the early Cubist movement; there are also many comparisons between Art Deco and another movement, Art Nouveau.

  2. Disappearing and reappearing

    Despite its practicality, Art Deco went out of trend quickly. It only returned in the 1960s as its nature responded well with the requirements of mass production.

    Art Deco was a heavy influence behind the building of modern skyscrapers with their solid clean lines and dizzying scale – New York’s Chrysler Building and the Chicago Tribune building are amongst the famous ones, making Art Deco one of the most popular architectural styles in the USA in the first half of the century.

  3. Art Deco at home

    Whether it’s a skyscraper, car design or a movement that changed the creative world, Art Deco elements can be appreciated in the smaller things, such as the interiors of your home.

    At IKEA, we have plenty of Art Deco-inspired statement pieces you can incorporate into your home to bring in the glamour of the 1920s and the sleek styles of the 1960s!

    Live Great Gatsby style by trying out some of these:

    Incorporate geometric shapes: Artwork, throw pillows and rugs are amongst the few things you can bring in geometry with.

    Sleek styles: Art Deco celebrates sleekness, so this is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds:retro charm and modern chic.

    Wonderful woods: The shine and gloss, from side-tables to sturdy chair. Need we say more?

    Natural motifs: Tapestries and linens inspired by the outdoors are great for incorporating natural motifs.

    Accents and Accessories: For it to be Art Deco, you need lots of accessories, so go crazy with vases and ornaments!

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