You must have heard this term quite often, and you’ve most likely done it too, says IKEA. But do you know where the
term ‘Spring Cleaning’ comes from? Get ready to find out!

It’s common across the world

The name is self-explanatory, and spring cleaning is practiced across many cultures around the world. Mostly, its
one rigorous day of wiping the house down from top to bottom and getting rid of unwanted stuff or to give the space
an airing.

  1. Spring cleaning in different cultures:

    In many cultures, spring in April is the beginning of the year, so it’s no surprise that spring cleaning
    signifies new beginnings. Said to have come from the days when homes were heated by fireplaces during the
    cold months, the arrival of spring called for finally opening up the windows and wiping away the soot from
    all the winter fires.

    Researchers trace the origins of spring cleaning back to the Iranian New Year, which begins on the first day
    of spring, and also to the Jewish Passover, during which houses are cleaned to get rid of the smallest
    remnants of food. The practice even exists in China as well, where they believe it helps sweep away bad

  2. Do we really need to?With modern age, habits have changed immensely. We tend to think of spring cleaning as a thorough deep-cleaning
    of our homes. But, given modern conveniences, you probably think spring cleaning isn’t something you need to do.

    For others, it’s imperative to get rid of those spots under the kitchen cabinets and get washing machines to
    cough up the months of dust and lint. Either way, a deep clean of your home at least every six months is a good
    idea, say the experts at IKEA!

  3. Try these four simple spring cleaning tricks passed down over the years:

    • Clean your stainless-steel sinks with baking soda. Wet the sink, sprinkle baking soda and scrub with a
    • Use newspaper for the dirty windows and mirrors. Use a spray bottle and spray onto the glass before
      wiping with the newspaper, this gives you a streak-free window as the ink acts as a mild abrasive.
    • Use cotton swabs for dirty keyboards: it allows you to get the dust under and between the keys.
    • Wrap a towel over your broom to clean under or over to get all those cobwebs!

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