Why Babies Cry

Why Babies Cry?

A wailing and crying baby can give umpteen panic attacks to parents. Comforting and soothing a crying baby is not as easy as it may appear to be. The worst part is most of the new parents find it tricky to figure out what went wrong just NOW!!

Is she hungry? Or did I overfeed her? Is the tummy hurting? Or is it a mosquito bite? This is not really a rocket science but it’s a little overwhelming when a baby cries and screams for hours. Here is a quick checklist to find out some of the reasons why babies cry.

Cuddle cravings: Most of the times the babies just want to be held and cuddled endlessly. They can give you sleepless nights once they figure out how this mission can be achieved. All said and done, these little creatures cannot self-soothe themselves. They need the comfort and warmth of your arms and laps rather than the closed confines of a baby crib.

Colic chaos: A colicky baby can cry uncontrollably for multiple hours. Stomach troubles are often associated with pain, gas and abdominal issues. Consulting your baby’s doctor and asking for a safe anti colic drop or a change in feeding pattern may prove to be helpful.

Hunger strikes: This can be one of the prime reasons for all the crying and fussing that’s happening right now. Most of the times a baby just needs another round of nursing and feeding. A hungry baby has no choice except letting out a loud wail. Other signs associated with a baby’s hunger are putting hands in mouth, smacking of lips and reaching out for your fingers if you stroke the cheeks.

Diaper dilemma:  A dirty diaper is one of the biggest reasons for discomfort in babies. A quick check and change can help calm the baby immediately.

Slumber land calling:  Tired and sleepy babies often cry, wail and fuss endlessly. A soft leg massage and a gentle rock to sleep may be the exact thing to do. 90% of the times babies feel helpless when they are sleepy, and find it tough to fall asleep on their own. A gentle push on the baby stroller also helps to put them back to sleep.

Teething troubles: Needless to say, teething causes more pain than you can imagine in babies. A small baby tooth may be just on its way, causing discomfort and restless. A gentle gum massage often helps and soothes the babies in such cases.

There can be a million more reasons as to why babies cry. All you need is a little patience, a trust on your instincts and you will be able to listen to what your baby is trying to tell.

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