Why you should spend more on high quality cookware and kitchen tools

Why you should spend more on high-quality cookware and kitchen tools

Most of us put away money to invest in high quality furniture and household appliances for the house, but our crockery, utensils and bake ware leave a lot to be desired.  Why do we feel it’s an achievement to churn out delectable dishes using antiquated utensils? Having a kitchen that looks and feels like it belongs to your grandmother may be romantic but it’s high time you exchanged dented pans and pots for some spiffy, modern pieces that are actually useful. Unlike clothes or gadgets, you’re not going to update your kitchen every season, therefore make sure that each piece, no matter how small, is an investment.

When it comes to cooking tools, always place a high priority on utility than on looks. It’s great when you get a product that marries performance and design, but if you have to choose, make sure you buy something that can handle the work load.

Next comes the price point. Nowadays you can get pretty much any kitchen ware at different price points. Rather than look for something decent at a discounted rate, spend a bit more and buy a piece that delivers.

Potato Peeler - IKEA UAEWhen we think of buying things for the kitchen, we automatically think of kitchen appliances, storage bins and jars, dinner ware and serving dishes. However, people do spend money on these items. The things mentioned below don’t get much respect and therefore you need to make sure they’re of high quality too:
Anything with blades: Knives, graters, peelers

Anything that’s bound to be used regularly: Can openers, sifters, whisks, measuring cups

Everything that comes in contact with heat: Skimmers, slotted spoons, spatulas, turners

All gadgets: Timers, scales, thermometers

Things that go on the stove: All your pots and pans

Things that go in the oven: All your bake ware so that it won’t melt or explode while baking

If this list is overwhelming, buy a few pieces at a time. Buying the right product means that you won’t have to replace it every few months. Think how much better it would be to have one or two sharp knives instead of a drawer full of blunt ones.

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