Your living room – How do you plan your living room

How do you plan your living room?

A well planned living room has to be smartly designed and decorated taking into consideration both your lifestyle and your interests. This means that if you have small children and pets, your living room would look very different from that of a young couple who entertains often. Apart from this, a well-planned living room can be smartly utilized for storage, without interfering with the aesthetics of the space. Read on for tips on how to plan your living space to suit your living and entertainment requirements.

First of all, remember that it’s a gathering place and therefore it needs to accommodate all the people who’re in the house. If you’re the sort who entertains a lot, then you’ll need to keep in mind seating for the guests as well. Plan the space keeping the seating clusters in mind. Haven’t you all been to houses where the living room was crammed with furniture and it was a challenge to move around? On the other end, you may know those who planned their living rooms in such a manner that there was far too much space between people– the opposite of cosy.

A three seat sofa combination is a great place to start. Those who prefer to lounge around can opt for a cosy two-seat sofa and chaise longue instead if you have that kind of space. Don’t waste corner spaces and use it instead for a corner sofa. Consider having a sofa bed if you don’t have a guest room.  This is an easy way to accommodate guests who stay over.

Next comes the entertainment area. Plan your seating around this if watching the television or listening to music is an important aspect of your gathering. In most homes, it is, therefore think of clustering the seating around this. You can even opt for an entertainment area that has built in cabinets for storing books, CDs and other knick knacks.

Finally the finishing touches that give your place more character – decorate the walls, tables and windowsills with objects such as oversized buttons or neon reindeer for a quirky look.

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