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Your Living Room Style and Personality

What is better than to walk into a living room that makes you feel at peace. A living room is a space where you get to socialize with friends and family, and where you get to sit and relax after a long day out. And with that being said, there is no doubt that your living room must reflect your personal liking, attitude, and overall personality. Here are some tips to help you refurbish your living room in a way that expresses your character.

Peaceful Interior Design

Sometimes, there is no harm in wanting to design your living room in a simple and effortless way. Afterall, maybe your personality is not that complicated! There are many ways to add a little flair to the space without overdoing it. For instance, you may add a little greenery with artificial potted plants to surround yourself with peace and positive energy. You can also place scented candles to complement your cozy setting. What a beautiful way to unwind!

Vintage Interior Design

If you are a fan of the 60s, then it is pretty simple to make your living room feel that way too! A full room redecoration might not be your best option; therefore, you can include some bits and pieces that will give your living room a vintage style. For example, a vintage rug can add a special touch and will not require any effort from you! Or, a vintage-looking wall clock that will surely make your space look like the era you are trying to copy.

Contemporary Interior Design

Prints, patterns, and sharp lines, all what you need to reflect your contemporary persona! Using geometric patterns and different textures are highly recommended. Adding a patterned rug with geometric wallpaper can really give a nice and edgy feel to your space. Also, adding minimal decorative pieces, like a white storage table and a black frame are the perfect finishing touches.

Middle Ages Interior Design

If you are more or less dramatic, then a Medieval interior design will give your living room area a sophisticated, yet theatrical look! What you need to think of here is the structure of the walls and floors. Usually, granite is a popular texture when opting for such a design. Moreover, having a fireplace is ideal too! Do not forget that decorative pieces like chandeliers further help create the Medieval design you are opting for.

Industrial Interior Design

Lastly, an industrial interior design is a growing trend that many people love. Neutral tones and metal objects are an important part in creating a “warehouse” look. You can simply add a metal storage combination, like those from FJÄLLBO, as it will allow you to place your objects and create an industrial vibe while doing so. On top of that, a metal floor will help complete the look! Finally, the most common element is the exposed ducts and pipes that leave a raw feel to the space.

You have now gained some interior design tips and tricks that will help you decorate your space the way you want to! Always make sure that your home reflects who YOU are!

Happy decorating!

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