Simplify Your Back to School Routine with Essential Tips

After a long summer break, getting back to school can be a stomach-churning feat – not only for the kids, but for parents too. Switching modes from sleeping in to packing bags and lunch boxes at 6 AM can be stressful all by itself. So, being “back to school”-ready can help relieve some of the tension. But what does it take?

Here are some basic tips to ensure the transition from break-time to school time is smooth.

1. Get stationery woes out of the way:

  • No matter how much you buy, it will always seem like you are out of them.
  • A good way to keep track is to organize them smartly.
  • Invest in a good day planner. This will help you keep all the activities in one place, so you can stay on top of things.

2. Clothes are another stress area, especially with teenagers:

  • It may be a good idea to have them ready ahead of time for each day of the school week.
  • Getting socks neatly rolled up and organised soon after laundry can help avoid frantic morning searches.
  • And don’t wait till the last minute to do the shoe shopping. Do it at least a few weeks before school to avoid all the crazy lines at the malls.

3. Backpacks are another purchase you must go through nearly every year:

  • You may need to replace an old one, or it may be a new fad your child has to have.
  • Either way, our fun and trendy range of products have got you covered.
  • Also, consider using old backpacks as behind-the-door storage or keep it in your car as a shopping bag to avoid using plastic.

4. Another simple drill you can try is setting the alarm early:

  • Do this at least a week in advance to get your body back to the school mode.
  • This can help set your body clock, so waking up early doesn’t become a challenge.
  • Kids too can try this to ease into the school mode quickly.
  • Slowly limit kids’ gadget time prior to school. This will also get them ready for school faster.

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Start the new school year right. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just a little planning and shopping ahead of time is all it takes to acclimatize yourself for those first days of school!

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