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Top 10 Kitchen Organization Tips With Storage Solutions

A beautiful and organized kitchen is an owner’s delight and pride. Since we spend a large part of our daily time in the kitchen, it is important to keep it uncluttered and orderly for an easy life. Given below are ten workable tips and smart solutions that will make your cooking time pleasant and breezy and save you from a lot of fumble and morning chaos:

1. Declutter the Cabinets:

Declutter the kitchen Cabinets
Declutter the Cabinets

The first step towards an organized living is to de clutter. Pull out everything from the cabinets and donate or get rid of stuff you have not used for a while now. The aim is to keep only those things that are used. Arrange things in order of usage. Items used on rare occasions on higher shelves and things you need daily on the lower racks.

2. Utilize Wall Space:

Floor space is limited but the walls are all ours. A clever use of walls to create more storage space by using shelves, racks, wall panels can make more room in a kitchen with minimal storage options. Create your own smart solutions by buying an assortment of wall storage cabinets and shelves

3. Hang Items for Easy Access:

Hanging more stuff on the pegs not only makes it easily accessible but also saves a lot of space around your work area. Aprons, pot holders, ladles, pans and even towels can be easily hung close to the area where you work, if possible at an arm’s length. A hand rail, hooks, rods and pegs can be used for the hanging purpose anywhere.

4. Use Baskets, Containers, and More Containers:

The key to a clean, organized and uncluttered kitchen is a liberal use of containers and storage baskets to stock cereals, packed foods, tiny pouches, grocery items, confectionaries and plenty of other Knick knacks that may eat up a lot of space in your cabinets and drawers. It is fairly easy to find stuff if you organize them in groups, categories and label the containers.

5. Utilize Dividers, Dispensers, and Drainers:

Some of these recently discovered excellent kitchen racks are a blessing that make you forget your woes and worries. Drawer dividers, knife holders, plastic and foil dispensers and cutlery/utensil drainers are super cool and inexpensive organizers that help you perform a task in a snap – smartly and skillfully!!

6. Keep Frequently Used Items Near Your Workspace:

Having frequently used items like spices, cooking oil, and utensils in cabinets next to the stove top and counters makes cooking more efficient. You won’t have to walk back and forth as much.

7. Install a Pegboard for Hanging Storage:

Pegboards are versatile storage Hang pots, pans, cooking tools, and other kitchen items from the pegboard to keep counters clear while keeping items easily accessible.

8. Create a Snack Station:

Set aside a designated snack area with baskets or bins on a shelf or inside a cabinet. Fill it with grab-and-go snacks like granola bars, crackers, and dried fruit. This way, kids can help themselves to healthy snacks without creating a mess.

9. Use a Lazy Susan for Corner Cabinets:

A lazy Susan (spinning tray) spin it to reach items in the back without removing everything in front, preventing lost items in those dreaded corner cabinets.

10. Organize Your Kitchen into Zones:

Instead of a disordered layout, set up different “zones” for tasks like baking, food prep, cooking, etc. Keep all the supplies and ingredients for each zone in that area.

Follow these tips and I promise your kitchen will look like an organized jewelry, clean and happy every time! Cooking is so much more fun when you can actually find everything you need.

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions:

No rage over storage

  • Get extra kitchen cabinets and trolleys with portable boxes, which are great for items you rarely use but still need in your modular kitchen.
  • Use a vertical shelving rack to free up the counter and get some extra storage space.

Double up

  • Use towel rods or wall panels as floating cutlery holders: Hang mason jars form the rods using ‘S’ hooks and fill them up with cutlery, utensils or even some flowers to brighten things up.
  • Hanging the rod at eye-level ensures you don’t need to bend every time you need a dishrag or ladle.

Maximize your workstation

  • Store everyday kitchenware on a rack or a pegboard.
  • You’ll also benefit by using fitted shelving units to store things that need to be at room temperature.
  • A two- or three-tiered hanging wire basket would also work wonders for fruits, veggies and breads.

Put your fridge to work

  • Putting a wire rack or a clear desk organizer in your fridge will greatly increase the number of goodies you can store – and you can see them clearly. Since they’re plastic or wire-mesh, they can be stacked.
  • For those of us who aren’t blessed with a pantry, hang a multifunctional organizer onto the side of the fridge – it’s great for storing kitchen accessories.

Roll it along!

  • Store fruits, nuts, snacks and spices in a utility cart that can live under your kitchen sink and be rolled out when you need it. You could even store cleaning supplies in these versatile trolleys.
  • They could also work just as well for beverages, barware and mixers.

Visual pleasure

  • Make the most of the underside of your wall cabinets by screwing mason-jar caps to them. Voilà! A set of floating Mason jars that elegantly store and display your pasta, pretzels, popcorn kernels and whatever else.

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