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11 Wall Décor Ideas for Singles’ Apartments

It’s Single’s Day, and what better way to celebrate it than with a newly decorated space! We are going to make your single life a whole lot more interesting with 11 wall décor ideas that you can implement in your space. Not that we are saying that there is something wrong with being single! On the contrary, enjoy it! Here we go:

1. Add Mirrors to Your Walls

Mirrors are a beautiful way to complement your interior as they come in many different shapes and sizes, and you can literally add them anywhere in your home – from your bedroom all the way to the living room. They also make a room feel larger! Give a unique touch to your home and add some mirrors to admire yourself. Perfect for single’s day!

2. Create A Mood Board

What better way collect your thoughts, think about your aspirations, and bring your goals life than with a mood board. Simple hang a memo board anywhere you like and create a collage by dividing off areas or cutting the memo board into smaller pieces. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of all the good stuff that are about to happen! And do not forget, when you are creating your mood board, we recommend that you snack on some ginger thins – a real deal!

3. Decorate with Picture Frames

Expand your wall art by adding some pictures and photo frames of your best memories, best places, or best people! You can hang them on the wall or stand them up on a side table. You can mix and match different frames, that way you can be sure that you will be surrounded with something you love for Singles Day.

4. Ready to Hang Art

If you do not have printed pictures ready to put in frames, you can always go for a frame with poster . There are so many different drawings of beautiful sceneries, plants, and animals you can choose from. Such an effortless way to add some life to your walls!

5. Try Some DIY Art

We know that many of you have a creative side, and we think that it is time to show it. How about you spend some time expressing your feeling, emotions, and ideas onto a drawing paper roll that you can hang on your wall. You can paint different shapes with different colors – that will really add some edge to your single home! But most importantly, never draw without Daim mini snacks! They’re a go to!

6. Use Your Walls for Storage

You can always use your walls for extra storage by adding a modern and edgy wall shelf. You can hand your plant pots, decorative pieces, or maybe even your double chocolate oat biscuits stash!

7. Create A Bookshelf

Yes, it is so easy to create a bookshelf. All you need is your book collection that you will be reading on Single’s day and some shelves… of course. That way, it will be very simple for you to just grab any book you want and read your pages while you snack on some goodies!

8. Go Green with Wall Plants

Artificial plants are a great way to add a fresh look to your home. Plus, they are stress free since you do not need to water them or tidy up dead leaves. And anyways, who needs additional stress on Single’s day, you must be celebrating!

9. Paint Yourself A Mural

Yes, we are serious! Your home, your rules, your art! Unleash your inner artist and paint yourself a mural. The impact that will make to your space is huge since it will become both, a statement wall, and a personalized one!

10. Display A Fabric

Do you have yourself a pretty scarf, a vintage textile, or any fabric with a unique pattern and color? If so, we advise you to use that wall of yours and create a soft, neutral vibe that can create some calmness in your home.

11. Hang A Rug

We are serious! Rugs do not only belong only on the floor! Use your wall to hang a rug with an abstract design. You can hang it above a fireplace or nicely near your single couch and side table. Whatever suits you best!

You have now gone through 11 ways you can add wall décor to your home! And we hope you did not miss the sweet treat ideas too!

Happy double digit day!

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