Wall Mirror Feng Shui Ideas

Have you ever wondered where is best to place a mirror in your home? In Feng Shui, mirrors are not just a decorative piece you add to home – they have a purpose. Their main role is to nicely reflect and multiply different things in your home. Whether you practice feng shui or not, we would like to share with you a few rules and principles you can abide by to help you use mirrors correctly in your home.

Always Have A Mirror in The Dining Room

According to experts, the dining room is the best place to hang mirrors as it represents a person’s capacity to hold wealth. You can place a mirror on any wall in your dining room. For instance, you can hang a mirror horizontally parallel to the dining table, or you can choose to hang a circular mirror too! Whatever you feel suits your space best!

No Mirrors in The Kitchen

The kitchen is not a suitable place for mirrors since it is believed to spread negative energy – and after all, who wants that? In other words, because mirrors are reflectors, the negative aura in the kitchen space will be doubled. So, if were thinking of hanging a mirror in your kitchen, you might want to think again.

Far from The Toilet

You can definitely place a mirror in the bathroom; however, make sure to hang it far from the toilet and not across the door. The toilet room is said to spread negative energy solely because of its purpose. You may hang a mirror cabinate above the toilet sink (only if the toilet and door are not facing it of course).

In the Hallway, But Not at The End of It

We all know that hallways are very limited in terms of decorating, and the easiest thing anyone could do is to simply hang a mirror. Feng shui experts believe that you can hang a mirror almost anywhere in your hallway, but make sure it is not at the end. Generally, mirrors placed in a hallway are seen as positive, but if placed at the end, they may slow down the energy. For example, a mirror set of 4 can be nicely put in the middle of a hallway.

Avoid Mirrors Behind a Sofa or Bed

Feng shui experts warn against placing mirrors behind a sofa or bed. The concept of feng shui revolves around feeling secure and safe in your own home, and it is surely difficult to feel so when you have a heavy object hanging straight above your head.

There you go! Here are what experts say about the Feng shui rules you must be following when placing mirrors in your home! Say goodbye to negative energy and hello to prosperity!

Happy Decorating!

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