Tips to hang wall mirror using feng shui rule

Feng Shui Wall-Mirror Hanging Tips 2024 – Best Locations

Have you ever wondered where the best place is to put a mirror in your home? In Feng Shui, mirrors are not just for looking at yourself. They have a special job. Their main job is to nicely reflect and multiply good things in your home. Whether you follow Feng Shui or not, we want to share some rules you can follow to use mirrors correctly in your home.

Always Have A Mirror in The Dining Room:

wall-mirror feng shui idea
Feng Shui wall-mirror in dining room

Experts say the dining room is the best place to hang mirrors. This is because it represents a person’s ability to have wealth. You can place a mirror on any wall in your dining room. For example, you can hang a mirror sideways next to the dining table, or you can choose to hang a round mirror too! Pick what looks best in your space! Feng Shui experts recommend hanging the mirror at a level where it can reflect your dining table and chairs.

No Mirrors in the Kitchen:

The kitchen is not a good place for mirrors. It is believed to spread bad energy – and who wants that? Mirrors reflect things, so the bad energy in the kitchen will be doubled. So, if you were thinking of hanging a mirror in your kitchen, you might want to think again. Feng Shui practitioners suggest using other reflective surfaces like stainless steel appliances or shiny tiles instead of mirrors in the kitchen.

Far from the Toilet:

You can put a wall-mirror in the bathroom, but make sure it is far from the toilet and not across the door. The toilet room is said to spread bad energy because of what it is used for. You may hang a mirror cabinet above the sink (only if the toilet and door are not facing it of course). Ideally, the mirror should reflect positive things like plants or artwork, not the toilet itself.

In the Hallway, But Not at the End:

Hallways have little space for decorating, and an easy thing to do is hang a mirror. Feng Shui experts believe you can hang a mirror almost anywhere in your hallway, but not at the end. Mirrors in a hallway are usually good, but if at the end, they may slow down the energy. For example, you can nicely put a set of 4 mirrors in the middle of a hallway. Mirrors in the hallway should be angled to reflect the entrance or other positive areas.

Avoid Mirrors behind a Sofa or Bed:

Feng Shui experts warn against placing mirrors behind a sofa or bed. Feng Shui is about feeling safe and secure in your home, and it is hard to feel that way when you have a heavy object hanging right above your head. Instead, try placing mirrors on adjacent walls to reflect light and energy into the room.

Placement and Size Matter:

In addition to the room, the placement and size of the mirror are also important in Feng Shui. Experts suggest hanging mirrors at eye level or slightly higher, and choosing a size that is appropriate for the space. Oversized mirrors can create a feeling of imbalance, while too small mirrors may go unnoticed.

There you go! These are what experts say about the Feng Shui rules you must follow when placing mirrors in your home! Say goodbye to bad energy and hello to good luck!

Happy Decorating & Happy life at home!

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