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16 Engaging Spring Ideas to Enjoy with Your Kids and Pets

Spring is a fun time for kids and pets! Our little flurry friends need some fun and games too, and spring is perfect for kids to put together their ideas on what activities they’d like to enjoy with their pets. We have 16 engaging spring activities for kids and pets. Like beach walks, treat hunts, and doggy pool parties! Here’s list of things to do that your kids can draw inspiration from.

1. Beach Walk

Kids walk on beach with pets
Beach Walk with Pets (AI Generated Image)

The whole family can join in on this one. Most animals love the beach, so going for a walk along the shore will allow them to play in the water. Make sure the leash is on firmly though or that they are properly trained.

2. Outdoor Playtime

If you have a garden, get a sandbox or rope off a play area for the pets can run around in. This is the perfect spring time gift that they’ll love you for.

3. Treat Time

Spring is a time for sweet treats for everyone, so make sure you bake some for your pets too. Get pet-friendly recipes online and treat your little buddies to baked goodies.

4. Happy Hunting

If you have dogs or cats, they will enjoy having their own hunt for sweet treats! Make sure you place the treats in place that are easily accessible for them.

5. BBQ in the backyard

Personal favorite, BBQs are an enjoyable time for everyone. Filled with good food, fun and laughter, pets too will love the little bites of food and cuddles they get from everyone present.

6. Farmers’ Market

A change of venue for their curious little personalities, the farmers’ market could be a perfect trip to make on sunny spring day.

7. Play Fetch

Especially for dog owners, you know winter is simply too cold, and summer is too warm.

So, spring is the perfect time to get your pets outside for some games and the good kind of exercise that your pets need.

8. Playdate in the Park

Take your furry buddies to the parks this spring so they can visit their friends and have a playdate. You could pack a picnic for both you and them to make it more exciting.

9. Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is important for these little critters too! Get all your pet supplies and food stocks organized in appropriate storage. Clear out the winter bedding, cages and other material and replace them with some brightly-colored supplies that spell spring all the way.

10. Pet Photoshoot

Spring is beautiful with flowers blooming, so have a fun pet photoshoot outdoors! Dress up your furry friend and take some adorable portraits.

11. Make a Digging Pit

Pets love digging, so create a designated digging pit or pool filled with dirt or sand for them to happily dig in.

12. Pet Paw Painting

Let your pet make some colorful paw print art! Put pet-safe paint on their paws and have them step on canvas or paper.

13. Pet Playground

 Set up an outdoor obstacle course with tunnels, ramps, and hurdles for your pet to play on like a miniature playground.

14. Doggy Pool Party

 On hot days, fill up a kiddie pool with fresh water for your pup to happily splash and cool off in.

15. Outdoor Pet Cinema

Project a pet movie on a sheet or wall outside pet friendly home and have an outdoor theatre experience while cuddling your pet.

16. Nature Scavenger Hunt

 Make a list of things to find outside like pinecones, feathers, etc. and go on a scavenger hunt walk with your pet.

Pets need to have fun in spring too! We learned 16 cool activities to do with pets. Like playing fetch, having picnics, and making paw art. Try these fun spring ideas with your furry friend!

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