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Pantry Organization Tips: Declutter and Organize Your Space

The summer months are the perfect time to throw all those indoors parties, game nights, movie marathons and sundry get-togethers. But, wonderful as these are, they can wreak havoc on the average pantry.

So, whether you’re looking to re-organize your pantry for space saving solution or start from scratch, here are some cool tips to get this super-important space into shape this summer.

Storage containers 

Organizing gets easier with containers that are clear as day! One of the simplest ways to keep your kitchen looking neat is to transfer food items from their original packaging straight to clear containers or jars.

You can add handmade or store-bought labels, making it even easier to tell sticky rice from basmati, or icing sugar from cornstarch. This way, you are creating an interesting display as well and is a relatively easy DIY home project.

Chalkboard pantry 

Do you struggle to remember what you need to buy for the pantry? Or are you the type who makes endless notes only to misplace them on grocery-shopping day? A simple solution is to hang a chalkboard within easy reach of your pantry workspace.

Then, as and when you run out of stuff, you can just make a note; you can also use the space for recipes, reminders and more! Then, when it’s time to go to the store, just take a photo of the board, and you won’t forget anything!

Group items

Using larger storage units, group together similar items or those you use often. This will keep you from having to root around your cabinets for that one spice you remember buying at the market ages ago.

Tea and coffee, biscuits and crackers, grains, canned goods, or even after-school snacks are good examples of what should be grouped. Make sure to label your containers!


If you love being organized, try different types of pegboards. Use them to store everything from cooking tools to utensils. They are super easy to install and will be a great addition to any pantry!

Open shelving 

If you are looking for a bit of an extra lift to your pantry or have a limited amount of space, open shelving will help you tackle narrow spaces. Remember to keep the walls and shelving in neutral colors, a single coat of paint will do wonders! To brighten up the room use matching jars, baskets or bins to hold items in, pleasing the eye and making the room appear tidier.

How to organize a pantry with deep shelves

1. Invest in clear storage bins or baskets to easily see contents on deep shelves.
2. Use lazy Susans or turntables to rotate items and access items in the back.

How to organize pantry without containers?

1. Group similar items together and arrange them on the shelves by category or frequency of use.
2. Place taller items towards the back and smaller items towards the front for easy visibility and access.

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