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Tips To Choose Perfect Armchairs and Sofas for Living Room

The greatest pleasures of life often come in various shapes and sizes. Sofas and relaxing chairs are just one of them. After a grueling day at work, it is a bliss to sink into these cushioned retreats and do nothing! Buying sofas and armchairs for your living room is a major investment. You need to look into many factors before choosing the right one for your relaxing zone.

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect sofa and armchair for your living room. Read on before you start hunting for them.

Measurements matter:

The size of your room and the area where you wish to place the furniture is an important factor before buying a new sofa. While the room should not look stuffy and crammed after placing the sofa, it should also have enough space to place a coffee table and other things.

For smaller sized living rooms narrow sofas with a slim arm rest are more popular.  L-shaped, chaise lounges and modular sofas are ideal for big families and bigger rooms. You also need to measure the door ways and passages so that your dream sofa has an easy access inside your home. Read our space saving furniture solution for more details.

A style that defines you:

armchairs with sofa in living room
Armchairs with sofa

There is no dearth of choices these days when it comes to selecting arm chairs and sofas. An array of options available in virtual and real stores can be truly mind boggling. Choosing a style largely depends on your lifestyle and time spent in the living room.

If you love to unwind in front of TV, opt for a modular sofa with a comfortable foot stool. L-shaped or corner sofas are space savers and make your room look big. If curling up with a book is your idea of relaxation then a cushioned rocking chair or a wing chair is the most appropriate piece of furniture for you!

Fabrics, Upholstery and more:

While looks are important, you also need to look into the functionality aspect while selecting the right upholstery of your furniture. Light shades and pristine white may look elegant – but if you have pets and kids at home, such colors and fabrics can be a disastrous choice. Go for a dark texture that would hide dirt and grime for a longer period. Choose fabric that is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with minimum efforts.

Power packed seats:

Sofas are all about comfort and relaxation. Invest in a good quality that lasts for a long time. Sturdiness and longevity should be one of the crucial factors while selecting your seat of bliss. A good back support, comfortable seats and sturdy legs is what you need to look into, before getting your card swiped at the payment section. Look out for offers, deals and economy packages while choosing furniture this festive season.

Once you have chosen the right one, all you need to do is plop, swing and relax with a book or a bag of munchies. Happy days are here again!!

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