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Space-Saving Furniture Solution For Tiny Dining Room

If you have a very small living space and a tiny dining area, it should still not stop you from setting up a cosy breakfast nook to share meals, entertain guests and have a good chat session over food. The trick is to choose the right furniture that fits well in a small space and helps you maximize every inch of the space you have:

Fortunately these days we have a wide variety of folding and expandable tables and furniture pieces to choose from. Some of them are extremely affordable and economical and can prove to be a blessing for tiny spaces where dining tables just would not fit in. Here are a few great options of foldable and expandable dining furniture.

Extendable dining table:

Expandable table
Expandable Table

Plenty of square and rectangular tables come with the option of extending them when the need arises. These tables have extra leaves that can be opened to expand the size of the table and pull it down and shrink after the meals.

Drop-leaf table:

An interesting small space option is a drop leaf table which has an extra leaf attached to the table. This leaf can be dropped or lifted to create more working space on the table when required.

Completely foldable table:

For the smallest of dining areas one can opt for good old fashioned foldable tables and chairs. These can be folded and stored when not in use and at the same time can be unfolded in a jiffy and stretched for those happy lunch hours with family and friends!

Wall mounted drop leaf:

The most ergonomically design of all space saving solutions is a wall mountable drop-leaf table that can be folded up or rolled down whenever required. This can be used not just for meals but also for homework, writing, browsing or any other work.

High Bar table:

Another space saving solution could be a high bar table that can be tucked in a corner of your dining or kitchen area where floor space is limited. This type of table can be pulled out during a meal time or while entertaining friends along with a high bar stool for sitting purpose.

With these multiple options to choose from, there is no need to kill your desires of owning a cozy dining nook. All good and beautiful things come in lovely small packages. With these little beauties to your rescue, its time to stop sulking and start celebrating!!

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