How to create the perfect breakfast nook

If you’re thinking of a kitchen makeover, the breakfast nook is the current trend. Contrary to its name, say the design experts at IKEA, you can use this space for just about anything, especially if you’re dealing with a small home.

The ideal spot for family and friends to spend time together eating meals or just hanging out, it also doubles up as a great place for kids to do their homework while dinner is being prepared. Here are a few pointers on how to go about creating the perfect breakfast nook.

  1. Pick a style

    Choose permanent seating, which usually consists of at least one bench or dinette attached to a wall. Or go with free-form seating with furniture which is easy to move around and doesn’t need to be fitted to any specifications. This allows more flexibility to change things around whenever you feel like it. If you’ve got a small home, free-form is the way to go.

  2. Choose a spot

    A corner or a spot near a window would be perfect for any nook, allowing natural light to be the true star. Imagine sipping coffee to the sunrise while breathing in the fresh morning air. If you don’t have a window though, you can bank on appropriate lighting from IKEA’s stellar range of products. Happy and warm lighting, whether from sconces, pendant lights, or lamps will do the trick.

  3. Get a table

    The table should ideally match the shape of the space – a square table for a square space, rectangular for rectangle, and an oval or round table if you’ve got an arched space. This will ensure a consistent and clean look. The only exception to this rule would be if you have a small kitchen – a round table works best here so you don’t bump into it and bruise yourself.

  4. Play with seating

    We recommend mix-and-match seating, as is the trend, so consider a bench and a couple of chairs. If you do get a bench, go into a space-saving mode with one that doubles up as storage for things like towels and linen, or even crockery and the not-too-often used small appliances. And cushions, from an inexhaustible range at IKEA, are an absolute must to make your breakfast nook look and feel comfortable and inviting.

Here’s hoping that each of your mornings is as pleasing and warm as your breakfast nook!

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