5 Summer Mocktails You Have to Try!

Summer continues its reign! Although we can’t be out and about as much as we’d like, there is little a good mocktail can’t fix.

Sipping on a deliciously cold summer drink has got to be one of the finer pleasures in life – and while some may prefer otherwise – non-alcoholic mocktails can be just as fun, and are surprisingly easy to make too!

Here are 5 delicious recipes from the IKEA team that you can try this summer. Each is made using nutritious ingredients, without compromising even the least bit on taste.

Pink Grapefruit Margherita

  • Combine two parts grapefruit juice, one part lime juice and one part sugar syrup in a blender with ice cubes.
  • Blend till everything is mixed well, and the ice gets crushed.
  • Prepare your glass for that classic Margherita presentation: run a lime wedge along the rim and then roll it in salt.
  • Serve with grapefruit slices as decoration.

Cucumber-Mint Infused Sparkly

  • Use a peeler to slice cucumbers into long strips.
  • Reserve some to weave onto a bamboo skewer as a garnish.
  • Mix one quart of water with a splash of fruit juice and 32 oz soda, then muddle in 8 sprigs of fresh mint and the slices of cucumber.
  • Let this concoction infuse for at least an hour, then serve in fancy wine glasses.
  • As a cool touch, add the cucumber garnishes that you’d prepared ahead of time.

Coconut Mango Nectar

  • With a delicious and celebratory name, this gorgeous yellow drink is a sure crowd pleaser!
  • Combine 8 oz coconut water, 6 oz mango juice, 4 oz soda and 2 oz lime juice in a large carafe.
  • Pour this lovely mix over crushed ice and voila! A tropical escape in a glass.

Virgin Bellinis

  • An ounce of peach nectar topped with sparkling soda makes for a sweet, simple, and delicate drink.
  • It’s perfect for those sober brunches, or as a “grown-up” drink to serve at your tween’s sleepover.
  • Serve it in a champagne glass to add to the femininity of this mocktail.

Sober White Russian

  • This rich, creamy drink only needs 2 chilled espresso shots, between 2-4 tbsp of maple syrup (depending on how sweet you want it) and ⅓ cup of coconut milk.
  • Pour the ingredients into a lowball glass, add ice cubes, and you’ve got the most fantastic companion for your Netflix sessions.

One last note: Don’t forget to check out IKEA’s amazing collection of glassware that’ll go perfectly with these delicious drinks!

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