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Surprise Your Loved One: Tips for Perfect Breakfast in Bed

What can be better than a delicious breakfast in bed? Nothing, right? So, break the monotony and make the perfect breakfast for your loved one and make his/her day by serving it in the comfort of your cozy bed and you for company! Believe us, your loved is surely going to love it!

Thinking about where to start from for preparing the perfect breakfast? Fret not, we have got you covered. Here are few tips and tricks to create the most delicious breakfast in bed for your loved one.


Whether you are a good cook or have never cooked anything, now is your time to shine. Remember, you don’t have to create the most exotic breakfast out there. Whatever you will make, your partner is sure to love it. So, don’t scour hundreds of recipes off the internet. Just think about your loved one’s favorite breakfast food and beverage and make that. It could be something as simple coffee and toast.

If you want to do something fancy, you can decorate the food creatively. Add some chocolate syrup or whipped cream to the coffee and cut the toast into hearts shapes. At the end of the day, it’s the gesture that counts, so go all out or make something simple, either way; your loved one will be on cloud nine as soon as he/she sees the breakfast tray on the bed.


Once you have prepared your loved one’s favorite food, it is time to get the plating right. Depending on your style, you can get elegant or quirky mugs and plates. Ikea has a variety of options in both. From JÄMNT to SPRIDD mugs, you can choose your pick.


We eat with our eyes first. So, your breakfast should look appetizing to the eyes. Once you have plated your breakfast, decorate your food items with some seasoning, sauces, jams, etc., and place it on your tray. You could keep a few napkins, a spoon and fork tied together with a ribbon, a small note for your partner telling them what they mean to you, etc.

Avoid mess: 

You don’t want the coffee to spill on the bed. So, keep a sturdy tray with all your food items and a few napkins and tissues handy.

A wee-bit Extra: 

You could also go that extra mile and decorate the room with fresh flowers, soft music and candles before your loved one wakes up. Use your creativity and your partner is sure to be surprised and impressed! So, go ahead and let your loved one wake up a bit differently tomorrow with the beautiful breakfast surprise awaiting him/her.

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