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How to Choose the Mattress Size & Material for Comfy Sleep

When it comes to picking the right mattress, two important factors come into play. The size of the mattress, and the support material it is made of (not the textile but the support structure underneath). These determine the quality of your sleep and how refreshed you feel when you wake up.

But, with endless choices in the market, it’s easy to get confused. If you fall into that bracket, don’t worry! Read the detailed guide below. You should also check out 10 tiny tweaks to turn your house into cozy home.

Let’s look first at types of mattresses based on overall size.

Mattress size guide:

In terms of size, mattresses can be divided in to 4 main types.

  1. Single mattresses
    • These measure 90x200cm.
    • They’re ideal for adults or fully grown kids, particularly those who don’t move about much in their sleep
    • They’re also perfect for guest rooms.
  2. Double mattresses
    • They measure 140x200cm.
    • They are longer than a single mattress.
    • Ideal for taller people and restless sleepers.
  3. Queen mattresses
    • These measure 160x200cm.
    • They are considered ideal for couples.
  4. King mattresses
    • These are the largest standard variant.
    • They measure 180x200cm.
    • They offer lots of room for couples and families with small children.

The next division of mattresses is based on the support material.

Mattress support material guide:

  1. Bonnell spring mattresses
    • These are the most traditional mattresses.
    • A Bonnell spring is hourglass-shaped and provides adequate, even support.
    • It is durable and gives a traditional, even feel.
  2. Pocket spring mattresses
    • These are made up of individual pocket springs.
    • Each spring is enclosed within its own pocket of fabric, which means it only reacts to the pressure applied onto it, independent of the others.
    • This produces a more personalized form of support.
  3. Memory foam mattresses
    • These mold around your body when you lie down.
    • This evenly distributes body weight, making it very comfortable.
    • Foam provides body-hugging comfort, adequate pressure relief and more customized support.
    • The foam returns to its shape once pressure is removed.
    • It’s ideal for different sleeping positions.
  4. Latex mattresses
    • These are made up of different layers of latex foam.
    • There are different types of latex, but their main benefits are similar.
    • These are durable, made of breathable material, environment-friendly, hypoallergenic and low-maintenance.

And that’s it! You now have a basic guide to understand how to choose the perfect mattress for you!

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