The bedroom is one space where we tend to spend a good chunk of our time, even when we are not sleeping. Whether it’s binge-watching a tv show, reading or simply relaxing, the bedroom is THE rest spot. However, sadly, most of us don’t spend enough time and money styling this space compared to other rooms of the house. But with a little work and some simple styling tricks from IKEA experts, you can really up the style and comfort quotient of your bedroom in a jiffy.

1. Oversized artwork

A simple and effective way to style your bedroom, especially if you have no time for decorating, is with the artwork.

If you’ve got issues with drilling and nails, you can just lean the frame or print against the wall, and it will add a relaxed, effortless feel.

2.Pick a colour scheme

An essential element that you need to get right is the colour palette of your bedroom. Although this sounds simplistic, you won’t believe how few people actually do this bit.

If you can’t find inspiration, start with the colours of your walls to guide you. Select two or three colours that you know will go well with the artwork or paint and then match your linen, throws and cushions to that.

3.Bed ‘end zone’

The spot at the end of your bed has a lot of potentials and is great for getting dressed. Choose the furniture you want to go at the end of it: a chest, a bench seat, two stools or even a chaise lounge with hidden storage underneath!

Explore IKEA’s excellent range of bedroom furniture to choose your favourite options. Just remember: make sure to keep this space clutter-free, though, or you won’t be able to use it like you intend to!

4.No headboard? No problem

If your bed lacks a solid headboard, the area above can be used in a creative and meaningful way. A gallery wall is a perfect option, so make sure to experiment with various shapes and sizes and see how the overall display works for the ambience you are going for.

Top tip: Mark where your head lies when you are leaning back or sitting up in bed and use that imaginary line as a guide so you can hang the frames above that.

5.Bedside beauty

A styled bedside makes the whole room appear more complete and elegant! Unfortunately, we tend to clutter our bedside tables with anything and everything. So, make sure you only keep necessary items such as a bedside lamp, a clock, a book.

You can also add small decorative details such as a dish to hold your jewellery in so that it isn’t cluttered around on the table.

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