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4 Benefits of Making Your BED

Let’s be honest, without our moms around to nag us about how untidy our rooms are, most of us spend our early adult lives staying in rooms that are begging to be given a good cleaning. Our laundry piles up, our books and bills lie scattered and the bed is forever unmade.

We unwittingly turn a space that’s meant for relaxation into a stressful place. But did you know that one simple trick can fix it all? Make your bed. Now before you roll your eyes, go through these four incredible benefits of making your bed – you’ll realize that the five extra minutes it takes in the morning is well worth it. While folding a fitted sheet perfectly can make this task easier. 

1. You start your day feeling accomplished

  • Beginning your morning by making your bed immediately clears up the biggest mess in your room, and this small completed task gives you a strong sense of accomplishment.
  • This helps you become more productive and energised for the rest of the day because you started out feeling like everything was under control, regardless of whether it actually is or isn’t.

2. You will automatically clean up the rest of your room

  • When the bed is made, and your room starts looking infinitely neater than it did before, you’ll feel like cleaning up the rest of the room.
  • With the biggest hurdle out of the way, keeping your bedroom neat and tidy no longer looks like an endless, boring task you’d want to avoid.
  • Tidying your room might inspire you to tidy up other spaces – maybe you’ll clean out your wardrobe next!

3. You don’t waste mental energy

  • Having an unmade bed and a cluttered room unconsciously stresses you out – it makes you feel disorganized and scattered. That’s not a feeling you want to come home to.
  • By making your bed, and therefore creating a calming space, you save precious mental energy that could be used in so many creative ways instead ­– like writing that book, painting a picture, or mastering some dance move.

4. Aesthetics

  • It just looks and feels better to have a pretty bedroom.
  • The thought of coming home to a perfectly made bed in a beautiful, clean room is a really enticing prospect.

Get pretty fitted sheets or quilt covers with matching pillowcases, to really take things up a notch, and you’re set.

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