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Key benefits of a well-designed bedroom

After a hard day’s work, everyone likes to relax and unwind in their own personal space. For many, the bedroom is where we begin the day and end the day, so it’s important to ensure this space fulfils our requirements and helps us wind down.

Sometimes, though, we don’t do enough for the bedroom in terms of design and décor, since it isn’t open to outsiders. It becomes a low-priority area compared to the living or dining rooms.

But don’t worry: IKEA’s design specialists ensure every space in your home is well-utilised and functional, while still being trendy and cosy.

A well-designed bedroom has several benefits, including creating positive effects on the mind and body. Here’s a look at some of them.

  • The bed

  • The focal point of any bedroom is the bed – for obvious reasons.
  • A good choice of bed, in terms of comfort and size, helps us get a good night’s sleep to ready our bodies for the next day, giving our bodies the respect it deserves.
  • Keep it clean

  • A well-planned bedroom is also one which is tidy and free of clutter.
  • A smartly organised space is invaluable for any room in the house. This helps the room look larger and creates more moving space. It also has a calming effect on the mind.
  • It’s a treat for the eyes when the bedroom always looks clean and functional.
  • With busy schedules, no one really has the time to tidy up the room every day. So, a properly organised bedroom with good storage options is a time-saving asset.
  • Your touch

  • Adding a personal touch to the bedroom is also a key aspect of good design.
  • Being one of the most personal areas in the house, it’s a good idea to add touches that define you and your personality.
  • These can include sentimental collectables close to your heart, or pieces of art, or anything else that reminds you of the good things in your life.
  • Calm colours

  • Soothing colours on the walls give a calming and comfy feel to the room.
  • Play with textiles to add personalised touches of your favourite colours, to create a sense of belonging in this special area of the house.

An ultimate bedroom is one that can bring joy and happiness, while having a calming and relaxing effect.

Why wait? Let IKEA’s world-class range transform this special place into a dream room.

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