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Tips to Choose the Best Curtains for Your Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your sweet happy home, the special space where your family gathers to laugh, play games, watch movies, make memories. Choosing the curtains for this lovely space can make it look beautiful or dull.

With so many options, styles, lengths, fabrics and colors out there, how do you pick the perfect curtain? This guide with useful tips will help you sort through all the options to choose the curtains that transform your living room into a haven.

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Let the Sunshine In (Or Keep It Out):

Considering the Light, one of the most important thing to think about when choosing the curtains for your living room. How much sunlight you want to filter in. Too much bright, hot sunbeams can make the room feel warm. But if there’s too little sun peeking in, room can end up dark and cave like. Spend some time in your living room at different times of the day to get a feel for the amount of light.

For Bright, Sunny Living Rooms:

If your room gets a lot of intense sunshine, you will want to go for thicker, heavier curtain fabrics to block some of these rays. Look for curtains labeled “Room darkening or blackout”. These are the best curtains that protect against sunlight. Fabrics like cotton canvas or tightly woven polyester all work well.

For Darker Living Rooms:

If your living room is on the cavey side with not much sunshine, choose the sheerer, airier fabrics that allow in more of those happy rays. Look for the curtains labeled “sheer or semi-sheer” made of breezy materials like linen, cotton voile, silk or polyester sheers and will make your room brighter.

Right Height Makes All the Difference:

Consider the Length:

Curtains that are too short can make look of your living room silly. And curtains that pool in a messy heap on the floor get dragged through dirt and dust bunnies. But curtains that the perfect just right length can make your living room look amazing.

For a clean, modern look:

Most designers recommend hanging curtains so they just graze the floor. Any shorter and they will look awkward. Any longer and they will bunch up in an unsightly way.

For a traditional, fancier look:

Give your curtains a more dramatic, and elegant vibe by choosing a length that creates a 1-inch “break” on the floor. This tiny pool gives the curtains a relaxed yet refined appearance.

Pro tip: Always make sure to measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the curtain rod, and add a few extra inches to be on the safe side. You’ll want those hems to hit right at the perfect spot!

Fabric Frenzy:

Consider Texture, Cleaning and Style:

The fabric you pick has a big impact on how your curtains look, feel, and hold up over time. When considering materials, think about factors like:

  • Durability and ease of cleaning (kids’ grubby paws, pet hair, etc.)
  • How it moves and hangs
  • The overall style and vibe you want

Some top fabric picks include:

Cotton and linen – These all-natural woven fabrics are breathable, casual, relaxed and easy to clean. They look simple yet smart.

Silk – For an elegant, rich and formal look, you can’t beat the cover of luxurious silk curtains. The sheen is simply gorgeous.

Velvet – Velvet curtains look and feel so amazingly plush and cozy, like you want to snuggle up in them! Perfect for a glam, jewel-toned look but they can be high-maintenance.

Faux silk and faux linen – More affordable versions of the real deal that can be very convincing while being easier to care for.

Let Your Unique Style Shine:

Consider Colors, Patterns and Textures While practical factors like light control and fabric care are important, the most fun part of choosing curtains is letting your unique decorating personality shine through! Curtains are the perfect place to experiment with bold prints, lush textures and vibrant colors that really express your style.

For a clean, minimalist look:

Stick with solid, fuss-free curtains in subdued tones like bright white, warm ivory, soft gray or rich navy. These versatile neutrals go with virtually any color scheme while allowing other decor elements like furniture to be the stars.

For an energetic, eye-catching look:

Florals instantly add freshness and romance. Stripes bring a classic, tailored vibe. And bold geometrics feel modern and impactful. The bigger and more oversized the print, the bigger the wow factor.

For a luxe, multi-layered look:

Play with textures like nubby linen, sleek silk, or plush velvet layered together in divine combinations. Using two different curtain fabrics together, like cotton draperies topped with sheer linen panels, adds depth and richness.

For a playful, carefree look:

Vivid hues like cheery yellow, juicy orange, plum purple or dazzling turquoise can inject so much life into a room when used for curtains.


With so many gorgeous curtain styles, fabrics, colors, patterns and lengths to choose from, transforming your living room into an inviting haven is much easier than ever! Take time to consider how much sunshine you want filtered through, the ideal curtain length for your space, and which materials will function best for your lifestyle. But most of all, have fun playing with colors, prints and textures that reflect your unique decorating personality.

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