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3 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor with Lighting Easy

We all deserve to have a relaxing place within our reach to disconnect from the external world, an outdoor place where we can enjoy some fresh air, be surrounded by nature, or simply admire the sky. Once planning to create this intimate space, it is important to be cautious about choosing the perfect colors, furniture, and lighting, as they can make a huge difference in the result.

On the other hand, if you already have this “comfortable” outdoor space, you can upgrade it by making it even cozier by adding the perfect lightning at different points. Check out some of the outdoor lighting ideas we have for you!

1. Add a Vintage Touch by Using “Kerosene” Lamps

Kerosene lamps have been used throughout history, becoming very popular especially during the 19th century, as they are portable, easy to use, and have a nice classic design. These classic lamps still exist today, but with the passage of time, we can find a new generation of LED lamps resembling the kerosene lamps of the past in a variety of sizes and colors.

You can hang them, put them in the center of the table, or gather your favorite designs in a corner, play with different sizes and adjust the intensity of their light during the night to have the coziest atmosphere you can ask for. To take your space to the next level, consider adding some vintage cushions and matching decoration pieces to your space.

2. Hang Some Bulbs with Lighting Chains on the Ceiling

Imagine being on your terrace with a couple of friends in a cozy ambiance of warm lights and surrounded by nature… Got the idea?
LED light chains, which are one of the most popular and useful ways to light up your outdoor space, will assist you in creating this perfect scene. These types of lighting have many advantages as they are flexible in size, colors, length, shapes, intensity, and believe us, they look NICE!
Another reason to choose lighting chains is that they are perfectly adaptable to the outdoor space you have. You can hang them in a variety of ways, create one or more lines in the ceiling, or simply place them inside a clear jar to brighten the space.
The sizes of the bulbs are also important, as they should be consistent with the rest of your outdoor decor. Be smart when choosing the perfect length, but do not worry, there are plenty of options out there.

3. Candles Never Get Old:

When we think about candles, we directly imagine romanticism, warmth, and relief, and this is what they represent. Candles are the perfect complement for your center or side tables, and for outdoors, you can choose between using real candles, or simply going for the LED options -(they will never finish).
Keep it simple by using a few of them distributed all over the area or highlight your favorite corner of the open-air sitting using different sizes of candles. Take into consideration that LED candles are the perfect ally if you have kids, as they do not represent a fire risk.

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