best lights for children's nursery

Best Ways To Light a Children’s Nursery

If you’ve got an infant at home or even on the way, you need to get that nursery absolutely right. And even though you’ve picked out the perfect interiors, the ideal crib and a carefully thought-out color scheme, there’s still one thing left.

Just like any space, if the lighting isn’t right in the nursery, you’ll miss out on a lot of beautiful moments, not to mention giving your little one the comfort he or she needs. So here are some tips from me that shed light on what to do.

Avoid harsh lighting 

Harsh nursery lights for children
Harsh Lights

No matter which room you are lighting, a soft glow is always preferred over harsh lighting. This keeps the space cosy and welcoming, something that’s essential for newborn babies and infants.

The contrast between light and dark is drastically reduced with soft lighting, providing your baby’s still-developing eyes with much-needed rest. Choose the right lights and fittings and the first step is taken care of.

Install a dimmer

dimmer for nursery
Dimmers for Nursery

To create the serene atmosphere your baby needs to unwind and sleep, a dimmer switch is an essential addition. This small trick will help your little one physically identify that it is time for rest.

A dimmer will also help you sneak an occasional peek in the middle of the night without switching on the lights and waking your baby.

Layering light

layering lights in Children nursery
Layering Lights

Soft lighting and dimmers are wonderful, but there are times when you need to see what you are doing! So, instead of relying on one single overhead light, create layers of light instead.

A minimum of three light sources will help you decide which lights you want to keep and switch off when you need to.

It is also a good idea to avoid halogens or exposed bulbs, as these can create uncomfortable environments, especially for kids and curious toddlers. Fixtures with shaded or diffused light will help combat this!

Heat awareness

Certain light bulbs get dangerously hot, so if there are any fixtures the little ones can reach or touch, make sure they only use compact fluorescent lights or LED bulbs.

These are not only much cooler to the touch, but are also much more energy-efficient.

Natural light 

No matter how great artificial lighting options are, there’s no denying the benefits of natural light! Always make sure your nursery lets in enough natural light, since all human beings are built to respond to it best.

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