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Baby Milestones: Enjoy Without Undue Stress

There cannot be a bigger joy and thrill for parents when a baby reaches a new milestone. The first step, the first word and the first smile can melts your heart almost effortlessly. As parents, we often have those nail-biting anticipatory moments when our little hearts are almost there. Waiting for the milestone can be a bit over whelming. New age parents often begin to worry if their baby is lagging behind on the developmental graph.

Here are a few tips to effectively manage how NOT to expect much while expecting your baby’s milestones.

Your baby is UNIQUE

Remember, every child is different and special in his own ways. A baby who starts crawling early, may not necessarily utter the first words anytime soon. So there is no point fretting and stressing yourself while waiting for the same. Most of the time developments are uneven as it depends on a lot of genetic, psychological and physical factors.

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Enjoy this phase

While you eagerly await your baby’s milestones and developmental phases, it is important that you also enjoy this moment to the fullest. A lot of paranoid parents simply fail to enjoy the smallest of these joys while waiting for the bigger achievements on the growth scale. Even your little one standing in his baby crib is a joy you should celebrate.

Grab your cam

When that tiny first tooth sprouts, grab your camera and capture the first gummy grin flashed at you. Be ready with your handy cam when the baby does a bottom down step or holds his teddy bear for the first time. Click, capture and lock each of these special moments. These will be the memories you are going to cherish forever!

When in doubt, consult a specialist

As we stated earlier, milestones have a huge range and they simply signify developmental signs. Still if you notice an unusual delay in any particular growth sign, it is advisable to consult your child’s development specialist, rather than browsing and searching the information and increasing your stress levels. Doctors have specific charts and parameters that would help clear your doubts.

So whether it’s a bubbly raspberry being blown at you or a sloppy kiss planted on your cheeks, every new activity is unique and a milestone in its own way. Enjoy and soak in the bliss….this will not last forever and something new will follow soon!!

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