Top gifting ideas for Ramadan

As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, most of us get busy considering the various thoughtful gifts we can buy for friends and family. A Ramadan gift is of course contingent on who is receiving it.

Here are some suggestions from IKEA experts on what you could get for different people:

Gifts for Women

Flowers, art, chocolates, and perfumes are always good options to gift women – irrespective of your relationship with them.

Women closely related to you might prefer a more personalised gift.

Modest clothing is integral to Islam, so, gifts of abayas and scarves are also good choices.

And for the lady of the house, there’s one option you can never go wrong with. Get one entire iftar meal catered and let her sit down and relax. She will definitely thank you for that one.

Gifts for Men

It’s no big secret that most men are gadget geeks, so the latest in-thing is one sure-fire option.

Men also enjoy quality accessories, like a leather wallet or a fancy personal notebook.

You can also go for perfumes since those are another thing men are known to covet.

If you’re in the mood to splurge, you can book him a session of whatever he truly enjoys, be it golf or a spa session he’d never ask for outright.

Gifts for Children

For small children, soft plush toys are always a big hit as are puppets. For older children, board games based on Islam will be a good way of learning all that Ramadan encompasses.

General gifts

Generic gift options can be gifting a large cake or some Arabic sweets for dessert for a neighbour’s Iftar.

Fairy lights are always one good way of (literally) bringing light to another person’s life. Scented candles and lanterns are other great options.

For those bookworms you know, go for the fail-safe option of gifting a book. You could make it more appropriate by gifting them a Holy Qur’an or Islamic-themed work.

Dates are an integral part of life in the region, especially during Ramadan as most people prefer to break their fast with dates. A platter of dates and dry fruits is a choice that you cannot go wrong with.

If you think none of these options is the answer, then you can always fall back on the most versatile option – gift cards! This gives the recipient the choice of buying what they prefer. You can opt for gift cards from a mall to give them more choice.

Wishing you a blessed Ramadan and happy gifting!

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