artificial plants and flowers on table

Why Artificial flowers Are the Smart Holiday Décor Choice

It’s that time of the year, and you’re stressed out about decorating your home. A spruce fir is shedding needles everywhere, endless pots of poinsettias needing to be watered, rose buds that refuse to bloom in time, you know the drill. This year, shed the stress and opt for the easier, carefree option – artificial flowers.

Switching from a natural decor houseplants to an artificial plants yet life-like plant has a host of benefits. Not only are you being kinder to the environment, you are saving yourself the hassle of selecting and transporting the tree, caring and cleaning up year after year. Let’s face it. With a good quality artificial tree, all you need to do is pull it out, pull down the branches and get to the fun stuff – decorating!

Storing artificial flowers and trees is a breeze since they fold up and can be stacked away in any closet. Some trees come preloaded with lights and snowflakes too, making them even easier to setup.

Christmas-themed potted plants and wreaths share the same advantages, and look festive and classy. There’s no need to struggle to tie on ornaments and pine cones if you choose ones that come with these pre-attached. When you come back from the store, all you need to do is decide where to place them, and you’ve added a cheerful, welcoming touch to your home.

A major stress point during holiday entertaining is putting together an attractive centrepiece for your table. Try a collection of artificial sprays, candles, twigs and shiny baubles. Adding artificial pine cones, moss and a holly garland can tie the look together elegantly. You can even try a chic, all-white layout that includes white roses, chrysanthemums and buds.

Artificial flowers not only make great gifts but can be used to embellish your gifts, as well. A small spray of holly peps up a plainly wrapped gift and makes the receiver feel special and loved. There are really so many advantages to using and reusing artificial flowers during the holiday season. The time to try them is right now!

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