Décor coffee table

5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Tables

When looking for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, there are many factors that can influence the general aspect of our spaces, and for sure, coffee tables play a fundamental role as they are one of the centerpieces of our living rooms.

Setting up a coffee table the right way can level up a whole space, and it can be the perfect meeting point between a functional and visually appealing element in our home. Let’s get creative and decorate our coffee tables with these amazing décor ideas!

1. Going colorful or green

There is nothing classier and more elegant than setting up a bowl of our favorite flowers on the center table of our living room, as it gives freshness and color to our space, making it livelier. Picking an arrangement of roses or a bouquet with different types of plants will elevate the aesthetic of our space.
If we want to break the monotony, ceramic or glass vases with texture, patterns, or matching colors are perfect to give personality and a statement to our table.

2. Books and candles, our best allies

Stylish books have become very popular decorative elements for interiors, and at the same time, they can be the perfect inspiration for long-lasting conversations with our guests. We can create a book pedestal and place a decorative element on it, or simply display them on the table, making sure that the selected books reflect our character and taste.

On the other hand, candles add sophistication, warmth, and a welcoming feeling to our homes. They are easy to get, and we find a huge variety of styles, colors, smells, and shapes. From a candle holder to a tray with different sizes of candles or a transparent vase with floating candles, the elegant result will always be the same.

3. Simplicity is the key

idea to decorate coffee table
Décor coffee table

In some cases, the simpler we decorate our spaces, the more appealing they will look. Adding a few attractive and interesting pieces is more than enough to find the perfect balance we are looking for. A table surface embellished with minimalist elements is always a good option to reflect simplicity and refinement on the table surface.

Using simple color tones will make not only our coffee table but the whole room an inviting place to feel comfortable. In general, decorating the right way can be life-enhancing, making our interiors fun places for ourselves and our guests.

4. Adding dimension

Variety is the key to visually attractive decoration, as gathering elements of different heights can create a good impact on our coffee table. For example, adding both vertical and horizontal elements using a third object to bridge the gap is a good idea to generate an easy eye movement. This third object can be the perfect place to put a creative art piece or break the color palette with an interesting pattern.

If we want to stay in the safe zone, we can add dimension to our coffee table by adding a set of decorative elements with a similar theme but different shapes and heights, creating the same impact but following the same tonalities and style.

5. Runners and trays

These two elements are interesting to match together as they can fill those visually empty spaces in a very simple way. Runners are a great addition to protect our tables. They are also versatile when picking the right color or pattern and have the ability to change the whole atmosphere of our room.

Trays are great to place elements in case we have limited space on our table for decoration. Therefore, gathering them in the same place will give us space and the opportunity to display our objects in a luxurious way.

Putting an extra effort into decorating our coffee table will influence the whole environment of our home, and as mentioned before, it is a space where we can make a statement about our personality and preferences, as well as give taste and style to our interiors. Being creative has never been this fun!

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