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How to Care for Wood Furniture and Keep it Looking New

We all love the way wooden furniture gives any room an elegant and comfortable touch. That’s probably why every single home is bound to have one piece of wooden furniture or another. Perhaps it’s a treasured antique, an expensive modern piece, or even a family heirloom.

One thing about wooden furniture is that, if you want it to last long and always look good then regular maintenance is a must. Here are the top tips for taking care of your wooden furniture.

1. Dust Regularly

Wooden furniture chairs and table
Wooden Furniture

Frequently dusting your furniture prevents a buildup of dirt, sand or even dust mites on the surfaces, all of which will cause scratches. Remember to always use soft cloths or microfiber towels while dusting, so you don’t cause more damage.

2. Never Place Hot Dishes on Wood

Never place cups with hot beverages or hot dishes on wood furniture. The rings and marks caused by heat and liquid can irreparably damage on the surface. Use coasters or placemats instead. This way, you’ll also protect your table from spills.

3. Avoid Sharp Objects

Any household item with sharp edges is a big no-no when it comes to wood furniture. From boxes and utensils to items such as laptops and speakers, any item with hard corners can scratch wood easily.

Further, if you leave them on your furniture for a long time, the wood will develop light and dark patches due to different levels of light exposure.

4. Don’t Expose Them to the Elements

Wooden furniture doesn’t do well when it is exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Similarly, don’t place your coffee table near open windows or fireplaces, as serious damage can also be caused due to heat and light from these sources.

5. Polishing and Waxing

Finally, no matter how well you take care of your wooden furniture, it’s impossible to prevent some nicks and scratches along the way. Whenever you see any marks or scratches, use good-quality liquid polish or wax to treat these minor “injuries”.

If the damage is deeper and cannot be fixed with polish, consider a coat of paint. This will give it a new look while also adding a few more good years to its lifespan.

Here’s to taking care of your wood furniture so it lasts long and becomes something you can hand down to your children!

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