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How to Pick the Right End Table in 2024: 4 Essential Tips

We know, we know… Anytime you think of decorating your home, and more specifically, your living room, the first thing you think of is definitely going to be that comfy sofa, the relaxing armchair, and most importantly, the coffee table.

But what about that useful, practical end table? You seem to have forgot about that! End tables add the final touch to your space. They basically bring all the pieces together. However, since end tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, it can be difficult to find the right one. The below tips are going to help you properly decide on what end table to choose. Read on…

1. The Size

When deciding on what end table to purchase, it is crucial that you choose the right size. This is because you want it to match the height and depth of the sofa arm. If you end up going for a big end table, it will definitely overpower the furniture near it, and if you go too small, the table ends up being useless. Plus, the length of the end table should not surpass the length of the sofa or chair.

If you are indecisive, there is always a solution! Go for a nest of tables set of 3. They are perfect because they come in three different sizes and they can be used as three different side tables! Now, everyone is happy!

2. The Shape

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Room End Table

The shape of the end table depends on its location. If you decide to place it next to the couch, then it would be preferable to use a square side table.

Also, if your coffee table is oval or round, that does not mean that your end table must also be round. You can definitely mix and match different shapes – square with round and round with square!

3. The Material

There are several different materials you could choose from – from wood to glass to metal. Choosing the right material solely depends on the décor of your home. If your home is modernly decorated, you may want to choose a wood or metal end table. But, if your house gives that traditional vibe, then you must make sure to invest in furniture pieces that add a rich touch to your design.

4. The Function

Finally, what will you be using the end table for? Will it be to hold your coffee, to place your books, or to lay your laptop on? Whatever the case is, make sure that the end table provides functionality for it. That is, if you need extra storage, make sure that your end table has drawers. And if you need to place several things on it, like magazines, a lamp, etc. make sure its tabletop fits.

It would also be really cool to have a side table on castors. That way, you can move it wherever, whenever you want in the easiest way.

These are 4 little things you should think of when you decide on purchasing an end table. We really recommend you consider them! After all, life is so much easier with an end table!

Happy life at home decorating!

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