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Time Management Tips for New Parents

A newborn can turn your well-ordered life upside-down, and those carefully prepared schedules can go flying out the window at the baby’s whims. How can you then organize your time so that you take care of your responsibilities at home and work, get in some occasional me-time, and of course, most importantly, take care of that little munchkin?

A Guide to Time Management with a New Baby

The first step is to acknowledge that you are not a superhero and it won’t be possible for you to do every single thing yourself. Take advantage of convenience services offered by stores and businesses around your area.

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Online grocery orders, meal delivery services, personal banking, diaper delivery, online sites for baby toys shopping etc. is the way of saving time and can make your life really simple. Placing orders online can help save time and money as well, since you don’t need to go down to the store, and you buy only what you need.

Once the baby settles down into some kind of schedule, it works to align your activities to it. If you need a daytime nap because you’ve been up with the baby at night, take it when the baby sleeps. This will help you feel more energized and refreshed to tackle the rest of the day. Once your partner comes home, let them take over with the baby so that you can have a shower, tidy up or cook a quick meal.

If you find that you have to work along with childcare, then try to get lots of help with the baby. A day or night nurse, family pitching in and daycare centers can be real life savers in this situation. Working from home can be chaotic but it might be better than having to add travel time to your already hectic schedule.

Skim down your regular activities so that you only have to do what is essential for your family to run, during those first 3 months. Weed out time-wasters, low priority tasks and plan how you can do more in those few precious minutes you get before the baby wakes up and demands attention.

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