Using Mason jars in a kitchen

10 Creative Ways to Organize Using Mason Jars

Mason jars are a common household and chances are good that you already have several in your home. If not, they can be easily found at supermarkets, craft stores, and online. No doubt! breakable, but they are made of thicker glass, which means they are sturdy.

This makes them ideal for organizing everything from food to office supplies and so much more. In this post, we will share 10 clever ways to use mason jars for getting your home neat and organized. The ideas are simple and don’t cost much money. Let’s get started using any size of jars available. Common sizes which are widely used in our homes are:

Jar SizeVolumeDiameterHeight
Half Pint8 oz (237 ml)3 1/8 in (7.9 cm)3 1/2 in (8.9 cm)
Pint16 oz (473 ml)3 1/4 in (8.3 cm)5 3/4 in (14.6 cm)
Quart32 oz (946 ml)3 3/8 in (8.6 cm)7 in (17.8 cm)
Half Gallon64 oz (1.9 L)4 3/4 in (12.1 cm)7 1/2 in (19.1 cm)
Gallon128 oz (3.8 L)6 1/2 in (16.5 cm)10 1/2 in (26.7 cm)
Mason Jar Sizes

10 Mason Jar Hacks for Pantry, Craft Room, and Kitchen Organization:

Tips to use Mason Jars at home
Mason jars using tips
  1. Take a hammer and nail. Use them to make holes in the metal lid of a mason jar. Now fill the jar with things like toothpicks, salt or pepper. Put the lid back on. You have made a shaker jar!
  2. Paint the outside of mason jars with chalk paint. Gently rub over the raised letters to make them look old. Now you can write on the jars to show what’s inside. If you change what’s in the jar, just erase and write again!
  3. Put some big mason jars on their sides in a wine rack. Now you have a pretty way to store art supplies like markers and colored pencils.
  4. Make a sewing kit in a mason jar! Put an old pincushion on the lid. Cover it with a circle of fabric. Put the ring part on top. Inside the jar, put thread spools and needles. Your kit is ready!
  5. Use big mason jars to store food in the pantry. Your rice and beans will look nice. You can see right away what’s inside and how much is left.
  6. Put some wire mesh like chicken wire over a mason jar. Put the ring part on top. Now you have a holder for your toothbrushes!
  7. Put 3 mason jars in a caddy tray. Fill one with spoons, one with forks, one with knives. Take it outside for a picnic!
  8. Store your baking supplies in pretty mason jars. Put cupcake liners, sprinkles, chocolate chips and baking soda inside. Add labels so you know what’s what.
  9. Get a soap pump lid made for mason jars. Screw it onto a jar and fill with hand soap. Buy soap in big bottles to save money. Your soap looks nice too!
  10. Make jars hang on the wall to organize things! Use a hammer and nail to make holes in plumbing pipe holders. Screw holders onto a board and hang on wall. Put jars in the holders. Fill with whatever you need!

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