Essential Tips to Extend the Life of Your Non-Stick Frying Pan

5 Essential Tips to Extend the Life of Your Non-Stick Frying Pan

Is your kitchen a paradise where you explore and perfect classic recipes? Or is it more of a jungle, where dinner is come by haphazardly, your salmon filet “blackened” on the outside ? However you cook, you need some reliable pots and pans. And with the right ones, cooking becomes easier and food tastes better. Don’t let your cookware sabotage you’re cooking!

Non-stick frying pans lets you use less fat to fry, stir-fry and brown food. It’s also ideal for cooking omelets, pancakes and sauces: anything that tends to stick. So here comes few useful tips to keep your non-stick frying pan last for long.

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Useful Tips to Keep Non-Stick Frying Pan Last a Very Long Time:

  1. Avoid cooking sprays: They can cause residue buildup, leading to uneven cooking and reduced non-stick properties. Use an oil mister with your choice of oil instead.
  2. Add fat to a cold pan: Pour a small amount of fat, oil, or butter on a cold pan and distribute well before heating to bolster the non-stick surface.
  3. Clean gently and maintain: Use a paste of baking soda and water with a non-metallic sponge. Repair the surface with a small amount of vegetable oil. Avoid dishwashers, as they can damage the pan.
  4. Avoid high heat: Cooking over high temperatures is bad for the non-stick coating and will deteriorate the surface over time.
  5. Use appropriate utensils: Avoid sharp objects like knives, metal spatulas, or steel wool for cooking and cleaning, as they can scratch and damage the non-stick coating.

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