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Create a Wellness-Inspired Home for Healthy Living

Healthy living and wellness are becoming the buzzwords these days. So why not create a home that truly reflects it? We believe our home should reflect who we are and speak to us, because we spend so much of our time in it.

Here are some simple ways in which to create a space that you can thrive in.

Comfortable Seating

Whether you’re entertaining guests, watching a movie together with the family, or just curling up to enjoy a quiet moment with a good book, having comfortable furniture is paramount. Take time to consider exactly where each piece of furniture will go.

In a large living room, you can create a nook for inviting conversations or a space for ‘me’ time and use the larger part of the room to take advantage of a view. Alternatively, you can center the space on a focal point, like the TV or a fireplace.

Natural Light

We can’t stress enough the positives of flooding your home with natural light. If you have a room that gets a lot of light, we suggest you add to that positivity by complimenting it with white walls, rugs, and clear glassware, neutral or white furniture.

You can also strategically place pendant lighting. Don’t forget to add a few personal touches, like your kids’ artwork or family photos as a wall gallery – this way, the space becomes warm and personal too.

‘Zen’ Zone

Give yourself a space to practice stillness. Whether you spend time there meditating, reading, or just thinking and dreaming, a zen-like space will up the wellness quotient considerably. Use a diffuser for essential oils like lavender, chamomile or bergamot, which help relieve stress and increase the feeling of wellness.

Scented candles work just as well too. You can recreate a similar feeling with your bathtub and some soaking salts.

Art and greenery

Adding some plants, real or artificial, can bring about an upliftment to the entire room. Green is considered soothing to the eyes, so go ahead and choose your favorites.

Put up some meaningful art on the walls – it needn’t have a big price tag, just something that helps you feel inspired or calms you. You can even use a bunch of mirrors to give your walls an artistic look and feel.

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