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Step-by-Step Guide to Making No-Sew Clothes Protector Covers

Do you have some clothes that you only wear during a certain seasons? Like heavy sweaters for winter or shorts for summer? Instead of shoving them in plastic bags, you can make special pretty covers to keep those clothes safe and clean until you need them again. Best of all, you don’t need any sewing skills! It’s a super easy project.

What You Need to Make a Clothes Protector:

  1. An old pillowcase (a big one works best)
  2. An iron
  3. A nice sturdy wooden hanger from the closet
  4. A ruler
  5. A marker with a really thin tip
  6. A pair of kid-safe scissors
  7. Some glue that dries really hard and sticky (called Liquid Stitch)
  8. A ribbon, about 12 inches long and 1/4 inch wide

Making Your Clothes Cover:

  1. Take a pillowcase and wash it all to make fresh and clean. After drying it fully and then iron it so that there are no wrinkles. Lay it on a table with the open end at the bottom.
  2. Make a hole at the top for the hanger. Find the very middle of the top edge, Use your ruler to measure 2 inches out from the middle on both sides. Draw a line using marker connecting those two points.
  3. Carefully cut using a scissor along the line you just drew, going through both layers of the pillowcase fabric. At each end of that line, make a tiny 1/4 inch cut straight down.
  4. See that opening you just made? You need to seal the edges so they don’t fray. Use the glue to fold over and glue down each side’s raw edges nice and neat.
  5. While that’s drying, cut your ribbon into four equal pieces. Once the glue is dry, glue those ribbon pieces around the opening – this will make it look super pretty!
  6. Last step – put your off-season clothes on the hanger and poke it up through the hole you made.

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Try these easy tips with no sewing skill. With this simple clothes cover, your closet will look so neat and your clothes will be safe until you need them again. Way better than using those ugly plastic bags, right? Get creative – you can even decorate your cover with stickers or fabric markers!

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